Dock Cleaning

Make your dock look as good as the day it was installed!

Let The Pros Clean Your Dock

Whether you have a dock made from pressure treated wood, specialty hardwood such as Ipe (commonly known as ironwood), or composite, we clean it.

We are more efficient and thorough than residential pressure washers by utilizing more pressure and heat.

We will maintenance your dock so that it helps preserve and reflect the beauty of your property.

Your Yard & Driveway Are Safe!

We arrive at your dock by boat. This lake-accessed pressure washing service means your dock can be cleaned and maintained without your property or driveway being disturbed. Say goodbye to oil stains from service trucks or dead grass from hoses being dragged to the dock.

No fresh water access at your dock?  No problem!  We have the ability to pump and filter water directly from the lake.

clean your lake dock like new

Slime, algae and wildlife brings unwanted debris to your dock. Removing spider webs and natural wildlife debris that thrive around the lake ecosystem will slow down other wildlife development as well as the development of algae and slime.

Allowing us to clean your dock will make it more safe and enjoyable for family and friends.

Algae and mold can anchor to the surface of your dock causing damage to the infrastructure.

Removing their food source (dirt, pollen, debris, etc.) will protect your investment as well as preserving the quality of your dock for future enjoyment.


We can provide a free quote on a one time cleaning, a bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly cleaning for docks, walkways, patio, furniture and other specialty items. We can fix docks as well, from loose cleats and boards to replacement.

We provide chemical-free cleaning.  TVA does not allow us to use soap so we bring the HEAT.  3500 PSI @ 260 degrees allows us to provide efficient, quality cleaning while remaining environmentally friendly.

Relax and let us do the work!